Projectoree 2017 – 28-30 April

Camp Wilson, Pohick Bay Regional Park, April 28th-30th, 2017

This is the 23rd Annual Projectoree (1995-2017, not counting the “original” versions that Arlington District ran for about 60 years, ~1920-1980). The Projectoree is a camporee-type event featuring a series of competitive games held on an exact time schedule. Participating Patrols compete in a game during all 12 of the time slots. Two of the games are “Long Games” (38 minutes each) while 10 are “Short Games” (18 minutes each). This year’s games were selected by Scouts at the first organizational meeting, and they are detailed on the competition schedule (a separate attachment). Each Patrol will compete in both long games and 8 of the 10 short games. A Patrol consists of 7 (minimum) to 10 (maximum) Scouts.* Each Patrol has a Patrol Leader (or Acting PL), who will lead his team through the games on Saturday (adult escorts are allowed, for Health and Safety – water, sunscreen, insect repellent, etc. – and photo-taking, but adult advice, guidance, and/or encouragement during the games is not allowed.

2017 Projectoree Map –

NOTE – T624 camp site has moved to E.  This is the location where we hold our Fire Building event.


2017 Projectoree Guide

2017 Projectoree Game Schedule

2017 Projectoree Competitions

Directions to Camp Wilson

All Troops are strongly encouraged to leave Arlington/McLean by no later than 5:30pm* in order to take advantage of HOV-3 restrictions on I-395 South in Arlington (which end at 6:00pm) and to arrive at the campsite with at least an hour of light remaining. Note that the new Express lanes on 495, 395 in Fairfax County only (not in Arlington), and 95 “may” be a good option, and are free if you have an EZ-Pass-Flex and 3 or more people in your vehicles, or are willing to pay a rather painful toll with less than 3 people (note that you must have a EZ-Pass to use the Express lanes, even with only 1 or 2 people). The Express Lanes in Arlington County are still HOV-3 (3 or more REQUIRED), but that changes once you hit Fairfax County. If you intend to use the HOV and/or Express/HOT lanes, be sure you understand the rules!
* We have a new moon on this year’s Projectoree weekend (i.e., no moonlight), so an earlier arrival will allow you to set up while there’s still some daylight. It will be dark/dark by 8:45 pm. In addition, any Troop with a complex event that has to be ready to go first thing Saturday morning (see the Competition Schedule) should make a special effort to get their personnel and equipment down to the site as on Friday afternoon to complete their set ups (or at least their pre-staging). We will have a large “Projectoree” sign at the camp entrance; it’s bright yellow and hard to miss.

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