Sinoquipe Summer Camp – 2017

Troop 624 will be going to Summer Camp from 2-8 July 2017.   Troop 624 will be attending Sinoquipe Scout Reservation in Fort Littleton, Pennsylvania.

Troop 624 scouts need to get their merit badge selections to Mr. Knight by May 2, 2017.  See Mr. Knight’s email below:

Hi all,

I need the following information by next Tuesday’s Troop meeting:
– full name of Scout going to summer camp at Sinoquipe (7/2-8)
– his age at the time of summer camp
– his current rank
– his desired merit badge class schedule
Remember, Scouts not yet First Class need to allow some time for rank advancement and Senior Scouts need to allow some time to teach them.
New Scouts should focus on earning Scout and Tenderfoot and fun merit badges like fishing, swimming, rifle shooting, canoeing, leatherwork, woodcarving, basketry, etc.
They are using a new scheduling system this year and I want to have everything in place so I only have to deal with it once.
So far I only have the above information for the Saenz brothers and Jamie O’Donnell.
Attached is the Leader’s Guide with all the information you probably need about the camp and the scheduling.  If you have questions please reply to me directly (not through Yahoo Group).
Please reply directly to my email ( and not through the Yahoo Group email.
YiS, Ted
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Projectoree 2017 – 28-30 April

Camp Wilson, Pohick Bay Regional Park, April 28th-30th, 2017

This is the 23rd Annual Projectoree (1995-2017, not counting the “original” versions that Arlington District ran for about 60 years, ~1920-1980). The Projectoree is a camporee-type event featuring a series of competitive games held on an exact time schedule. Participating Patrols compete in a game during all 12 of the time slots. Two of the games are “Long Games” (38 minutes each) while 10 are “Short Games” (18 minutes each). This year’s games were selected by Scouts at the first organizational meeting, and they are detailed on the competition schedule (a separate attachment). Each Patrol will compete in both long games and 8 of the 10 short games. A Patrol consists of 7 (minimum) to 10 (maximum) Scouts.* Each Patrol has a Patrol Leader (or Acting PL), who will lead his team through the games on Saturday (adult escorts are allowed, for Health and Safety – water, sunscreen, insect repellent, etc. – and photo-taking, but adult advice, guidance, and/or encouragement during the games is not allowed.

2017 Projectoree Map –

NOTE – T624 camp site has moved to E.  This is the location where we hold our Fire Building event.


2017 Projectoree Guide

2017 Projectoree Game Schedule

2017 Projectoree Competitions

Directions to Camp Wilson

All Troops are strongly encouraged to leave Arlington/McLean by no later than 5:30pm* in order to take advantage of HOV-3 restrictions on I-395 South in Arlington (which end at 6:00pm) and to arrive at the campsite with at least an hour of light remaining. Note that the new Express lanes on 495, 395 in Fairfax County only (not in Arlington), and 95 “may” be a good option, and are free if you have an EZ-Pass-Flex and 3 or more people in your vehicles, or are willing to pay a rather painful toll with less than 3 people (note that you must have a EZ-Pass to use the Express lanes, even with only 1 or 2 people). The Express Lanes in Arlington County are still HOV-3 (3 or more REQUIRED), but that changes once you hit Fairfax County. If you intend to use the HOV and/or Express/HOT lanes, be sure you understand the rules!
* We have a new moon on this year’s Projectoree weekend (i.e., no moonlight), so an earlier arrival will allow you to set up while there’s still some daylight. It will be dark/dark by 8:45 pm. In addition, any Troop with a complex event that has to be ready to go first thing Saturday morning (see the Competition Schedule) should make a special effort to get their personnel and equipment down to the site as on Friday afternoon to complete their set ups (or at least their pre-staging). We will have a large “Projectoree” sign at the camp entrance; it’s bright yellow and hard to miss.

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Potomac Heritage Trail Cleanup

Troop 624 performed trail clean up on a portion of the Potomac Heritage Trail on April 22, 2017. It was a wet day, but the boys worked hard picking up trash along the trail.  The troop received a nice thank you note from the coordinator and the National Park Service.

Dear Jim, Matt, Ted, Troop 624, and Sharon,
I would like to say thank you on behalf of the National Park Service for your work to help clean up the Potomac Heritage Trail Sunday, April 22. I truly appreciate your perseverance despite the rain.
I went out with the park botanist, Ranger Colin Davis, and trails specialist, Ranger Ahmad Toure, to pick up the trash with the park boat later that day. They both wanted to congratulate you on a job well done, saying (and I quote) "This is awesome!"
Not only does the garbage degrade the quality of our park here in Virginia, but it will ultimately make the journey down the Potomac into the Atlantic, contributing to a growing global issue of plastics and trash in the ocean. One of the best ways to fight this problem is to stop the garbage locally. Your actions on Sunday not only help the beauty and health of our site, but also positively impact the planet. A very fitting way to celebrate Earth Day!
Thank you for taking action to make a difference.
Trudy Roth

Dear Jim, Matt, Ted and the rest of Troop 624,

I can't thank you enough for your trash pickup efforts along the Potomac Heritage Trail yesterday - in the rain no less! The boys were great sports! We collected approximately 20 bags of nasty trash and set a great example for the fishermen on the River.

I hope you will consider doing this again next year. I promise to have donuts or something suitably yummy next time.

Best regards,





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Cub Scout Pack 624 Bridging Over

Several Pack 624 Arrow of Light scouts bridged over on April 7th.   Troop 624 welcomes these new scouts to our Troop.

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Alonzo Stagg 2017

On a cold March day, hikers from T624 took part in the Alonzo Stagg hike.  This year, T624 only had hikers in the 10 mile hike.   Several of our scouts are planning for the 20 mile hike in 2018.

T624 10 Mile Hikers 

Over 1/2 way done

T624 also ran the Bluemont Comfort Station. Thanks to Mrs. Otal for all her hard work. The 50 mile hikers enjoyed a place to warm up, grab some warm food & drink, or tend to sore feet.

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The mighty Dragons from T624 take second place

Congratulations! The mighty Troop 624 took second place at the 13th annual Klondike Derby! The Dragons clocked the third fastest course time and the third highest nugget count of 14 teams to take second place overall. This is a fantastic achievement on its own. However, considering several last minute cancellations meant the the Troop competed with the bare minimum of team members (one less and the Troop would have been disqualified), this is an especially fantastic feat. Please be sure to congratulate Adams, Alex, Anthony, Jamie, Joey, and John on their success!

Additionally, Adams, Alex, Anthony, Jamie and Joey braved the cold and camped overnight at Klondike. While I don’t have an official temperatue reading, we do know that it got cold enough to freeze our water supply and our breakfast eggs! But, everyone stayed warm and reported having a good time camping and competing. The boys are well on their way to racking up the required overnight campouts for rank, camping merit badge, and OA qualifications.

I want to give a vey special thanks to our adult Scouters who assisted at Klondike. Matt Pizzi and Adell Servidio braved the cold and camped overnight with the boys, assisting with the required adult supervision. This was Matt’s first event as our newest Assistant Scoutmaster (although he has been camping out and assisting with the Troop for quite some time now) and he is the design/build expert that helped the boys with the Klondike sled re-build. This was Adell’s first campout with the Troop and she proved to be an invaluable Scouter! She amazed us with her several campfire recipes and always seemed to have something cooking in the fire that turned out delicious. We’re glad to have both of them on the team!

Of course, we also had our reliable veterans with us as well. Randy Bender, our long-standing Assistant Scoutmaster, rolled in late at night after another commitment just to campout with the Troop! He also served as our required adult volunteer to assist with running the Klondike Derby, helping make it a successful event for everyone. Our Committee Chair, Ted Knight, arrived early in the morning with a very much appreciated resupply of hot coffee and danishes, providing sage advice to Scouts and Scouters alike. Thank you, gentlemen!

This was truly a team effort for the Troop, with every boy chipping in and helping out on everything. However, I would like to recognize those that stepped up to take an official leadership role. For Klondike, Adams served and the Patrol Leader, making sure everything was accomplished on time and to standard; Anthony served as Assistant Patrol Leader, helping Adams lead the team (and cooking the french toast!); Jamie served as the Quartermaster, making sure the Troop had all the required, and inspectable, gear for the Derby; and Joey was the Mess Captain, who developed the meal plan and made sure we all had plenty to eat. Thanks, boys!

Again, congratulations to Troop 624 Dragons for their second place finish. Next up is Alonzo Stagg ~ 11 March!

Klondike 2017
Klondike 2017
Klondike 2017
Klondike 2017
Klondike 2017
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Parent Meeting – 17 January 2017

Troop 624 will hold a parents and Troop Committee meeting on 17 January 2017 at 7:30pm. For everyone’s convenience, we scheduled this meeting at the same time as the weekly Troop meeting. All parents are encouraged to attend. Topics for discussion include:

-The 2017 calendar of events
-A financial/budget report
-Troop Committee volunteer opportunities
-Troop event chaperone volunteer opportunities

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Prince William Forest Camping

The Troop spent Saturday & Sunday in Prince William Forest.  They camped, hiked, and visited the Marine Corp Museum.   The weather was cool, but not bad for December.

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Court of Honor & Christmas Party 2016

Troop 624 held our Annual Christmas Party & Court of Honor on 13 December 2016. As always, food was delicious and a good time of friends and fellowship. Court of Honor allows us to honor the scouts hard work and achievements. There were several rank advancements and many merit badges awarded during this fun evening.

Christmas Party 2016
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Court of Honor

Title: Court of Honor
Location: Lacey Woods Fire Ring
Description: The court of honor will be held Sunday, the 11th. It will be at The Lacey Woods Park Fire ring from 5-7. We will have Rocklands. If you intend on going please RSVP to by Friday. Also if your son is in the Sloth Patrol (Jamie, Ryan, Louis, John and David) please bring a desert. If your son is in the Dragon Patrol (Adams, Anthony, Alex, Lucas, and Jack) please bring a side or some drinks
Start Time: 5:00 pm
Date: 09/11/2016

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