Klondike 2018

Klondike 2018

Troop 624, Congratulations for a fantastic Klondike Derby! Both the Dragons and the Rat Patrol did extremely well, especially considering the number of new Scouts on the Dragons, the wet weather, and our first entry of two teams in quite a while. The Scouts worked hard, learned a lot, built up team camaraderie, and had a good time. Everyone also had some great ideas for improvement, from practicing certain skills, making adjustments to the sleds, and making sure everything is packed. Don’t forget those lessons and let’s start working on all those things now, instead of waiting until next year. Congratulations again. Everyone should be proud of their efforts. A special thanks to all the adult Scouters who made the Klondike Derby possible for our Scouts. We’ll see you all on Tuesday! YiS, Jim Saenz Scoutmaster

T624 - Rat Patrol - Senior Division

4 T-624 Rat 440 Pts 38 nuggets 4th nuggets/5th time

T624 - Dragon Patrol - Scout Division

8 T-624 Dragons
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