Potomac Heritage Trail Cleanup

Troop 624 performed trail clean up on a portion of the Potomac Heritage Trail on April 22, 2017. It was a wet day, but the boys worked hard picking up trash along the trail.  The troop received a nice thank you note from the coordinator and the National Park Service.

Dear Jim, Matt, Ted, Troop 624, and Sharon,
I would like to say thank you on behalf of the National Park Service for your work to help clean up the Potomac Heritage Trail Sunday, April 22. I truly appreciate your perseverance despite the rain.
I went out with the park botanist, Ranger Colin Davis, and trails specialist, Ranger Ahmad Toure, to pick up the trash with the park boat later that day. They both wanted to congratulate you on a job well done, saying (and I quote) "This is awesome!"
Not only does the garbage degrade the quality of our park here in Virginia, but it will ultimately make the journey down the Potomac into the Atlantic, contributing to a growing global issue of plastics and trash in the ocean. One of the best ways to fight this problem is to stop the garbage locally. Your actions on Sunday not only help the beauty and health of our site, but also positively impact the planet. A very fitting way to celebrate Earth Day!
Thank you for taking action to make a difference.
Trudy Roth

Dear Jim, Matt, Ted and the rest of Troop 624,

I can't thank you enough for your trash pickup efforts along the Potomac Heritage Trail yesterday - in the rain no less! The boys were great sports! We collected approximately 20 bags of nasty trash and set a great example for the fishermen on the River.

I hope you will consider doing this again next year. I promise to have donuts or something suitably yummy next time.

Best regards,





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